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(03) 8669 1771
Suite 4, 11th Floor, 488 Bourke St, Melbourne 3000

You will find us to be down to earth, speaking plain English, with sensible advice.

  • We are solution developers dedicated to delivering quality outcomes that exceed our clients expectations.

    Our vision incorporates encouragement of our staff to realise their potential, be challenged and develop their skills, in order to provide outcomes that enable our clients to achieve their purpose and beyond. 

    We have an ability to understand and develop requirements through intelligent analysis of business needs, allowing us to streamline your workflow processes.

    We are fast and efficient, using Agile development processes to rapidly prototype and refine projects to ensure you get what you need. We use the latest proven technologies and frameworks.

  • Our repertoire includes, but is not limited to:

    Custom Solutions -  Web based for the Internet, or for Desktops

    Database Development - SQL Server, or scalable Azure

    Mobile Web Apps - standalone, or integrated with your internal or external network



    Customer Relationship Management System with Geographic & Mapping focus

    GIS Solutions - analyse your data on maps

    Data Processing - cleaning, de-duplicating, merging data

  • Platforms:

    Microsoft ASP.NET (with MVC, JQuery, JQueryMobile, ORM's...)
    Microsoft Windows Forms, Metro (we are excited with Windows 8 Metro!)
    Linux & PHP
    Various CMS systems - Open Source
    Social Network Integration (eg ELGG)
    GNAF utilisation for GIS (we license the GNAF for our use)
    Google & Bing Maps 

    Hosting Solutions:

    We use Macquarie Telecom, & ICO as our premium datacentres for Virtual Servers
    We support Hyper-V, & VMWare
    Microsoft Azure 


    Agile Development with SCRUM
    We Prioritise, Deliver Early in Increments, Refine...
    An iterative, high speed development approach, where the focus is on communication with the client.
    This allows for an iterative approach where clients can change their minds as they see the product develop, and ensure you get exactly what you want. There is no 'lock in' to a spec that may not reflect what you end up needing. It allows for loosely defined specs where clients are unsure.
    The process involves a modular approach, with Initial Plan, Release Plan, Iterations, and Review with Sign Off.
    Using this approach, we get projects finished on time, and on budget.